Discount Ski Passes!

Effective 3/14, our discount ski pass program is open for the 2024-2025 season!

We are an official partner of the Ikon Pass College Club Program. This partnership allows individuals to receive discount Ikon season ski passes. Our 2024-2025 season passes are now on sale.

  • Ikon Pass - $879
  • Ikon Base Plus Pass - $839
  • Ikon Base Pass - $589

All students are eligible to receive discount pricing regardless of whether or not they are affiliated with our club and regardless of whether or not you are at the University of Utah. This includes summer visiting students, undergraduate students, graduate students, medical students, medical residents, etc. Both part-time and full-time positions are eligible. Continuing education and research training education courses are also eligible. To request a promo code to secure a discount pass at the rates listed above, please complete this form (using your .edu email address),, and then email Dr. George so he can verify your student status and send you your promo code. You must use a .edu email address in the form! If you have questions about your eligibility, please contact Dr. George (

Join us on the slopes!

Our ski club at the University of Utah is uniquely located within 30 minutes from several world-class ski resorts, with a total of 15 ski resorts in the state of Utah! We have regular ski events in the Wasatch Mountains to facilitate work-life balance, promote ski accessibility, and encourage students to focus on rehabilitation techniques and new technologies that support adaptive skiing. For example, our group partners with the TRAILS foundation to provide patients suffering from life-altering neuromuscular impairment with technology needed to get them back on the slopes. Our engineering students work closely with Tetradapt to build advanced adaptive ski systems and our rehabilitation students work closely with TRAILS to help help patients get back on the mountain.

You do not need to be a member of our club to receive a discount ski pass. However, our annual membership fee (recommended $20) allows us to provide discount ski passes and promote ski accessibility through our outreach and engineering activities. Our membership fees are on an honor system and the exact dollar amount is flexible to accommodate differences in financial need. We hope you will consider supporting our club. Make donations and pay membership fees with this link.