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Postdoctoral fellows in the Utah NeuroRobotics Lab work to establish new lines of research in the field of assistive and rehabilitative brain-computer interface technology for stroke and spinal-cord-injury patients. Postdoctoral fellows work closely with an interdisciplinary team of engineers, computer scientists, clinicians, and occupational therapists. They are expected to take a leadership role and work independently in experimental design, data collection, data analysis, manuscript publication. They will also be encouraged to develop independent research projects, mentor graduate/undergraduate students, and submit individual fellowships and grants. The NeuroRobotics Lab is affiliated with the Center for Neural Interfaces and Robotics Center; postdoctoral fellows have a mentorship committee consisting of junior and senior faculty from clinical and engineering departments at the University of Utah. Most postdoctoral positions are 2-year positions.

Candidates should possess a Ph.D. degree or equivalent in Neuroscience, BME, CS, EE, ME, Robotics, or a related field, and have previously published multiple first-author scholarly articles in reputable peer-reviewed scientific journals. Underrepresented minorities are especially encouraged to apply. In addition, candidates should have expertise in one or more of the following areas: 1) Brain-computer interfaces, 2) Neuromuscular stimulation, 3) Electromyography, 4) Deep learning / Machine learning, 5) Reinforcement learning / Human-in-the-loop optimization, 6) Human-computer interaction / Shared-control, 7) Robotics / Prostheses / Exoskeletons. Salary is commensurate with experience and is guaranteed to be at least at the NIH-recommend level. Salt Lake City is an exceptionally affordable city, with a cost of living nearly three times cheaper than San Francisco.

For further information regarding the availability of postdoctoral positions, please e-mail Dr. George ( with a CV.

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